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Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2005
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Already a star.  I got to play Jesus at People Of Hope.  Autographs will be very expensive, when I learn to write.


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For all that is right and good, would someone please stop having dad dress me. Look what he does to me. This is so humiliating. This will devalue my autograph by so much. Good bye Harvard.


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Am I adorable, or what?


Christmas 2005
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I am Santa's Elf.
Filling Santa's Shelf
With a toy
For each girl and boy.


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Great Grandmother Ann (And I am Cecelia Ann, I wonder)

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Four Generations on Mom's side:
Great Grandmother Ann Pusateri, Mom (Eileen), Grandmother MaryAnn Strabala, and, of course, Me.

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Don't tell Grandpa I rooted for the Huskers.



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