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I am at the New Port News Airport, why is Uncle Tom working on a computer?

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Uncle Tom, Look at me, not your computer!

IMG_0099.JPG (1404147 bytes)

See how cute I am?

IMG_0100.JPG (1297837 bytes)

Mom, Dad, why are we here?

IMG_0112.JPG (1356411 bytes)

Yea, Uncle Tom is going to take me to the ocean!

IMG_0141.JPG (1290529 bytes)

I am a real Backus, I can sleep when I am reading.

IMG_0238.JPG (1892578 bytes)

Here I am in Historic Jamestowne. Those furs look warm, and I am already hot!

IMG_0274.JPG (1846612 bytes)

Yo, Ho, A Sailor's life for me!

IMG_0481.JPG (1318993 bytes)

I am in a very old Church in Williamsburg. George Washington was here. I should behave.

IMG_0486.JPG (1253538 bytes)

PTTTTH George!

IMG_0487.JPG (1471960 bytes)

Some days I am just so cute, I surprise myself.


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