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I didn't think I would get a car for my first Birthday  Hey, if Dad can do it, so can I. How tough can it be.

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Spider Bug, Spider Bug,
Gives a great big Spider Hug.
Gives a Smile, any size,
Catches hearts just like flies.
Look out! Here comes the Spider Bug.


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I'm a Batty Little Devil!

P1010014.JPG (1056294 bytes)

Squash and Pumpkins, must be Halloween, which means, MY BIRTHDAY!

P1010016.JPG (1011252 bytes)

Me, My Bears, My Squash, and My Pumpkins. Can't get any better then this.

P1010020.JPG (1088676 bytes)

OK, enough with the Pumpkins, I get it!

P1010024.JPG (1137376 bytes)

I am gonna scare those trick or treaters this year!

P1010105.JPG (1152460 bytes)

Do the Hustle!

P1010030.JPG (929947 bytes)

Yea, I am a princess!

P1010048.JPG (988796 bytes)

Wow, John has a BIG hat!

P1010055.JPG (1032623 bytes)

MMMM, Fish for dinner!

P1010028.JPG (1071763 bytes)

Mom, isn't it T I double-G R?

P1010060.JPG (937663 bytes)

Unca Tom, I am a pirate, just like you, RRRRR!

P1010074.JPG (1020016 bytes)

What, it wasn't me, HONEST.

P1010003.JPG (984198 bytes)

Yea, I am too cute in the costume.

P1010006.JPG (991277 bytes)

So cute, in fact, you can't get enough pictures of it, can you?


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