Cecelia Ann Backus


1 Week Old
Thanksgiving 05
Christmas 05
4 Months
6 Months
8 Months
1 Year!


At 7:11 pm., October 31st, 2005, the Strabala and Backus families were blessed as 19" and 5lbs 12 1/2 ounces of little Cecelia entered the world.  At the left are various stages of her growth.

And for those who are wondering, she is named after Grandmothers and Great Grandmother.  Lester's mother's Confirmation name was Cecelia. Eileen's Grandmother is named Ann, and her mother is Mary Ann.

Oh, the lucky parents were Eileen Strabala-Backus and Lester Backus


Lester and Eileen were not children when they found one another. I who was happily married at 22 saw this mid-thirties little brother now far too old, too crusty, too set in his bachelor ways to ever find a woman willing to put up with him … let alone come to love him. I saw his life and his heart as a door tightly closed.

But deep in the night there came a knock – and behind the knock a woman whose strength and courage matched his own. And at Thanksgiving time I held their hard-won Halloween born daughter, my niece, tiny in my arms. Rejoice! Rejoice! Had they closed their doors – had they left their hearts undisturbed – had they muttered out: “Who dares come calling at this late hour?” … I shudder to imagine a world without Cecelia.

Christmas Eve Services, 2005 - St. James Lutheran - Kansas City, MO


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